Yes, for a while we'll consider it maybe the 'new normal,' but eventually it will just be what we're used to in the here and now.

Then we'll shift to what it was like before and what it was like after. From there, eventually a new generation will come and they'll say they can't even imagine a before.

Those who care about history or like hearing stories, will want to know our experiences, through oral or written storytelling, history or novels, or other kinds of generational recounting.

Those who don't care or have no access to pondering humanity's development, will just move on or perhaps occassionally think of it all as an oddity that once happened and say, huh, it was like that.

Is there a self-help book for that?

I had no idea that I had two faces! Thanks to: , .

Dear Q-Anon or Q-adjacent friends or acquaintances, or people I’ll never meet but who still believe this bunk:

What. The. Fuck.

Lately, I haven’t been feeling like myself. And I finally know why. You would suffer from too if you were busy repressing your .

Now that…

What I’ve Had and Lost Along the Way

Group of solid black silhouettes against a colorful night sky.
Thanks to: ,

When you hit your 50’s, helps. You start thinking about who you are and hitting life head-on, unapologetically.

You’re in your second half of life and a seize-the-day-mentality helps fortify the vulnerability that comes with that.

Why waste time feeling bad about being imperfectly human…

Now that COVID has exposed the artificial work-life barrier, let’s lift the economic veil on ‘women’s work’ and acknowledge that it’s everybody’s business.

WAHM, SAHM, No Thank You Ms.

Everything about my recent transition to unemployment and homeschooling is disorienting, including how I define myself. I’ve worked since I was legally able, always with a focus on earning. That is, until a month ago.

And now, in the day to day of my intricate, intentional task management system, my…

Sybil Sanchez Kessler

Where individual wellness and societal wellbeing meet. Jewish life, Mexico, parenting, plus. Certified Functional Health Coach.

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